Surface is celebrating 10 years in business

Surface is celebrating 10 years of creating award-winning residential spaces that people love and are excited to come home to. Since the company started in 2009, we've evolved from designing unique custom homes for individual clients to becoming one of Ottawas most sought after condominium developers.

Even though we’ve grown substantially since 2009 we’ve never allowed our success to deviate us away from the core values we’ve built our company on. Our philosophy has always been to listen to our clients, celebrate their ideas and strengthen the communities we build in. Our clients have often expressed their appreciation for our willingness to listen, ask questions, understand their style and most importantly be responsive and considerate throughout the entire experience.

Even though we've grown substantially since 2009 we've never allowed our success to deviate us away from the core values we've built our company on.

As Surface inevitably continues to expand, we’re committed to strategic growth with the focus of improving and refining every area of our company. We’re constantly looking for ways to be better and create better products. We’re very proud to say we’ve built our reputation first and our business second. Our ambition is to continue to grow as long as we can deliver the kind of product we’re passionate about.

We’re currently constructing buildings that have 50 to 80 units in them, but next year we’ll be in the 200 unit range. We’re growing rapidly and we plan to diversify into new markets such as rental, commercial and retirement. While it’s a great honour to celebrating and reflect on this ten-year milestone our focus is ever forward as there’s still a lot of growth for us to come.

To all our past and current clients: thank you for being part of this incredible journey. We truly believe we’re only getting started.