Westboro Lofts Sells 90% Of Its Units In Pre-Sales

We have the absolute pleasure of announcing that Westboro Lofts is 90% sold out. A huge thank you goes to everyone that supported this project and continues to support each project we bring to market. We couldn’t have asked for a better response.

A reputation years in the making

The passion and excitement for our work continues to build substantially from project to project. We attribute this success to our core design values and a reputation we’ve worked hard to build. Our buyers are intelligent, well informed and know a high-value product when they see it. That’s why we continue to, and always will offer our customers..

  • Amazing building locations
  • Meticulous design and attention to detail
  • Complete control over unit layout
  • Luxury upgrades at no additional charge

To those who may have missed

We, unfortunately, have not been able to meet with everyone who requested a sales appointments due to overwhelmingly high demand. If you’d like to purchase one of the remaining units or an update on your priority status give us a call at today at 613-233-4210.

Thank you again, Ottawa for your continued support!

To everyone who wanted a unit but was unable to get one, we will be committed to giving you purchase priority on our next project

Next project

We have another project coming soon. We are currently exploring a couple very interesting opportunities in Westboro and Hintonburgh. It could be as early as this Fall. We will let you know as soon as we have any exciting news to share.