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5 ways to bring the outdoors indoors

Winter is in full swing and most of us are desperately thinking back to those warmer, sunnier days outside. We dream of taking a stroll in the park but instead retreat to the warmth of our favourite blanket and a warm beverage. There could be no better time of year to bring the outdoors in.

How To Maintain Your Cold Air Return Filter

Our first video instalment of our “Maintenance Series” demonstrates how to easily maintain your cold air return filter. It features our very own Construction Manager Michael Martin cleaning a cold air return in an EDGE Lebreton Flats condo. Depending on the location of your cold air return, you will have to clean your filter twice a year. Remember to wash the cover with a damp cloth and don’t lose your screws.

Making a Small Condo Feel Bigger

When choosing a new abode, whether or not you want it to be ‘humble’ is not always a matter of choice but most often a matter of what you can afford. Despite how well the housing industry is doing, there is no denying the fact that many people still can’t afford a single family home. If you find yourself in that situation fret not, condos are an excellent alternative.

How you can transform your space, just like us

We’re experts at designing high end, super livable and super efficient condos. We flex those design muscles each time we build a new condo and we’re certainly doing it with the renovation of our new offices and presentation centre. Great design makes life better in so many ways and we think everyone should have the opportunity to take advantage of it. One way to do it, of course, is to buy one of our condos but if you’re not in the market for one or you love the place you’re in we’re still going to give you a chance to benefit from our expertise.

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