Creative ways to custom design a one bedroom condo

The layout of your condo, the features you want, the finishes, colours and materials are all very personal decisions that are unique to you. What's important to you may not be important to someone else. We choose the clothes we wear, the decor on our walls and even the cases on our phones. Why settle for a space designed for the masses when you have the opportunity to create something exactly how you want it?

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista looking to create the perfect walk-in closet, an aspiring chef who needs a highly capable kitchen, an entertainer looking for a great space to enjoy time with friends, or an avid gamer fully dialled with the latest tech, we can and have delivered when people need more than a cookie cutter condo.

Custom design means that you have the opportunity to work alongside a layout artist and interior designer to completely modify the configuration of your condo to turn your Pinterest board into reality.


Space #1 – The Aspiring Chef

Whether you’re a culinary artist, aspiring chef or someone who simply enjoys cooking for friends and family, certain luxuries make cooking at home a joy. The perfect home kitchen combines real functionality with beauty and sacrifices neither for the other.

Consider extending countertops and adding an island. These functional changes can give you more room to prep, a place to present hors d’œuvres and extra space for guests to sit and enjoy your culinary creations.

Are you as particular about your appliances as you are your knives? While a very limited number of condo developers may allow you to pick appliances that fit into their pre-determined layout we offer you the unique ability you to pick the exact appliances you want and will modify plans to ensure they’re looking and working perfectly in your space.

The perfect home kitchen combines real functionality with beauty and sacrifices neither for the other.

Cooking with gas is quite often a professional chef’s choice. Adding a gas range in the kitchen and gas grill on the terrace will give you professional grade indoor and outdoor cooking options.

A kitchen isn’t just a pretty face but it can still look elegant. With carefully crafted, custom cabinetry choices, your kitchen can compliment the space and blend seamlessly with the decor and furniture.

Space #2 – The Video Game Enthusiast

Combine your love of modern home automation and technology with the convenience and excitement of luxury, urban living.

If you are a video game enthusiast, you may be used to having an exclusive area of your home dedicated to your passion full of wires, displays, speakers and other necessary home tech. You may also long to live a trendy, amenity-rich neighbourhood where space is at a premium and “hobby rooms” potentially too expensive to justify.

Have you considered combining your passions into a clean, modern, well planned, single space? Consider dumping the traditional kitchen prep and eating area layout for something more fitting to the space you desire.

By sitting down with our designers we can create a plan where necessary wiring is professionally hidden and only accessible where you specifically need it. We can help design a layout so rich displays blend in harmoniously with your decor choices.

Space #3 – The Entertainer

Dinner parties, wine and cheese, family visits and holiday gatherings. Everyone loves to entertain, to some degree. If you’re looking at purchasing a condo you’re likely excited about the convenience, location and abundance of amenities your new home will offer. Some though may be apprehensive about how their new space will affect their ability to host.

While condo living certainly takes on a different feel than a potentially larger home in the suburbs, shaving a little off the square footage shouldn’t impact your social life or force you to put hospitality on hold.

In many cases, the reduction in square footage is the result of eliminating excessive personal space, rather than common space. While it may mean accommodating large numbers of people for an extended stay will require a bit of creativity, by smarter design and layout decisions there’s often still more than enough hosting space to entertain the way you’re used to.

A reduction in square footage often results in the elimination of excessive personal space, rather than common space

Keep in mind entertaining does not need to be confined to the interior of the home. Use your personal terrace or rooftop patio to expand your entertainment space and activity possibilities.

Also, it’s worth noting that many friends will likely be much more excited to Uber to a condo in Hintonbug then commute to a bungalow in the suburbs.

Space #4 – The Fashionista

Design ideas and inspirations come from many different places and platforms. Traditionally people have taken inspiration from design magazines, friends homes, Airbnbs or hotels they’ve stayed at or the internet. More and more though we’re collaborating with people who have curated their style on Pinterest mood boards and the results have been very exciting.

More and more we're collaborating with people who have curated their style on Pinterest mood boards and the results have been very exciting

If you aren’t an interior design junkie with a specific aesthetic, you may find Pinterest a great platform to help find and express your style. Whether it’s contemporary, minimalist or a little bit rustic chic, narrowing down your design style and the specific layout features you want for your lifestyle will allow us to create a custom layout you’ll love.

Let’s discuss further

Some individuals choose to move and rethink walls while for other just a couple well thought out changes makes a standard space into one that works perfectly for them. Big or small we’re committed to ensuring that your new condo feels like the perfect home the moment you walk in.

We’re the only condo developer in Ottawa to offer this kind of unparalleled flexibility to ensure you get exactly what you want in your new condo. Our time, expertise, additional architectural drawings and designs are all 100% free.

If you have any questions in regards to custom designing a condo, what neighbourhoods we’re building in or would simply like to learn more about our company, book a time to meet with us at our newly renovated showroom. While you’re here we can give you a sneak peek of our newest project, Wellington West Lofts.