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The #1 thing freehold buyers regret that condo buyers don't

Buying a home is a very exciting and rewarding moment. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being the master of your own domain. Unfortunately though for some, due to poor planning, it can quickly lead to unforeseen regret.

Here's what our clients really think about us

When you consider purchasing a condo ensure you’re doing it with a company that believes in building not just great condos but great relationships as well. John and Jill are a couple who purchased a beautiful suite at Canal Lofts. They had a lot of life experience and knew not only what they wanted in a condo but what they expected of us as the designer and developer.

Why you may want to consider investing in a condo instead of RRSPs

As RRSP season approaches, many of us feel the need to move all of our savings into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to reduce our income tax burden. Upon further analysis, many feel they're not seeing the results they want from this type of investment.

How expensive of a home can you afford?

Let's be honest most of us have done the fun stuff first. We have a few neighbourhoods picked out that we like, we've created an in-depth Pinterest board of moods and looks and we likely even have our eye on a couple homes or condo projects that excite us.

Homicity.Com – Surface Developments And The Need For Customization Today

"Customization has been creeping into the housing market, and Surface Developments is evidence of it." recently sat down with Surface Developments' president Jakub Ulak to discuss the growing interest in home customization, how the public's expectations are fueling this surge and why the trend should actually come as no surprise to us.

Combine Units For Unlimited Potential

Having trouble deciding between a northern or southern view? Want an outdoor space to bbq and entertain while not giving up that breathtaking view of parliament from your living room chair. Perhaps you simply want more space for all the unique features you want inside your personal suite.

Ottawa Updates Infill Zoning Rules

The City of Ottawa Planning Committee approved a new infill by-law today that could affect future low rise condo developments in Ottawa. The new rules will put further limits on building heights and will increase rear yard setbacks for all residential buildings in the city. Condo buildings constructed in R4 zones will have to conform to the new by-law which will result in decreased intensification. New condo buildings will now have to be built to reduced heights and with smaller building depths producing reduced building volumes. Smaller condo buildings result in lower condo unit yields and therefore less affordable housing in the urban core.

We’re making it even easier to purchase your new condo

Buying a new condo can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be frustrating and stressful at times. We’ve made it our mission to make the process of purchasing a new condo completely centred on our clients’ needs and we pride ourselves on how easy we make it for our buyers to not only choose their perfect condo but to customize it as well. In order to make that experience even easier and more fun we’ve secretly been working on a new presentation centre. This new space will not only exemplify our passion for design, innovation and quality but will also give our clients an opportunity to purchase their new condo in a setting completely customized for the process.

Why are our condos the best deal in Ottawa?

We want to get the word out that we offer you the best value in Ottawa condos. Unlike any other condo builder in Ottawa we guarantee you the best quality, lowest condo fees, and the greatest selection of finishes and colours all while offering the lowest condo prices in the city. Want more details?

Learn to invest in real estate

If you have capital you are looking to invest, real estate is a fantastic option. We can help, we build Ottawa’s most affordable condos with the best finishes and fixtures, making us an ideal fit for investors. Even if you chose not to purchase through us, we want to help. Browse through our valuable tips to educate yourself on some of the ins and outs of real estate investing.

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