First-floor shops, cafés,eateries and more

At Wellington West Lofts we will be creating a limited number of gorgeous first-floor commercial spaces, with the intention of hosting shops, cafés, eateries, galleries and a host of other exciting amenity possibilities. We have some amazing partners already on board but of course, Surface registrants will always find out this information first.

The Design Process

Before we design a building we spend a great deal of time studying the neighbourhood to get an in-depth understanding of its amenities, attractions, services and people who choose to spend their time there.

Normally this is the job of two or three specifically assigned people in our organization but in the case of Wellington West Lofts and the Hintonburg and Westboro neighbourhoods, our entire team was uncharacteristically onboard to help out.

Putting in “Overtime”

These individuals spent many thankless nights, sampling artisan pizza, sipping meticulously made cocktails, taking in the local theatre and on occasion belting out an old favourite at Hip Hop Karaoke. They would often rise well before they needed to be at work just to note the quality of a cup of perfectly brewed, locally roasted coffee, freshly pressed juice or warm vegan croissant. This workaholic attitude continued right through lunch where many spent their time sampling cauliflower wings, fresh oysters, or what many around the office are calling the worlds best doughnuts.

Without so much as a single complaint, our team spent countless hours compiling the research our design team needed to plan and create an amazing ground floor, parkside, commercial space to complement both the beautiful condo suites above and the amazing neighbourhood around.

We’ve been booked solid for months

Thank you for your over the top interest in this project. So many of you have been trying to come in for an appointment to the point where we’ve been booked solid for months now. Please don’t give up as we’re working every day to open up more time slots.